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Market Wrap July 2018: Trade concerns flatten returns

Share markets delivered solid returns in June. However, the gap between robust returns across most developed markets and weak returns in emerging markets continued. Australian equities continue to perform strongly.

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Saving for retirement when you have dependants

Supporting your dependants doesn’t have to come at the expense of building your retirement nest egg.

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The Key Q2 2018

A faster pace – what do new ‘disruptive’ industries mean for investors?

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Keeping In Touch June 2018: Saving for a first home is now easier

First-home buyers can now use their super to save for a house deposit, thanks to the First Home Super Saver scheme.

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Keeping In Touch May 2018: Be retirement ready – plan early

You need to be savvy to build a sufficient nest egg for retirement. Planning is key, and so is getting professional advice.

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Market Wrap April 2018: A bumpier ride

Trump’s trade tariffs with possible repercussions in the form of a trade war and a shake-up in technology stocks, led by Facebook on the back of its privacy violation, meant March was a bumpy ride for Wall Street. The U.S. stock market finished the first quarter of 2018 with losses for the first time in 10 quarters.

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Keeping In Touch April 2018: Staying on top of finances for a small business

There is a lot to keep track of when running a small business, including your finances. They can make or break your business, so here are some pointers to help you keep them in check.

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Market Wrap March 2018: Market corrects

Share markets continued late-January’s correction in February before a partial bounce-back saw global shares recover some ground, ending the month down 3.7% in hedged terms.

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Keeping In Touch March 2018: Get help choosing personal insurance

When things go wrong, it’s nice to know you’re covered. But getting suitable insurance cover can be a matter of getting professional advice.

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Market Wrap February 2018: Off to a good start

Share markets started the year positively, with global shares in hedged terms returning 3.8%. The US led the way as good earnings news saw the market hit new highs before pulling back at the end of the month.

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